Rise of the Runelords

Raiding Thistletop

After clearing the Catacombs of Wrath, our heroes discover that Sheriff Hemlock has returned to town. They report the news of the runewell and the Wrathspawn to him, and learn about the Pixie’s Kitten in the process.

They take a well deserved rest there.

High on victory, the Heroes of Sandpoint strike into the heart of goblin territory – Thistletop. There, they do battle with the Thistletop tribe’s leader Warchief Ripnugget, as well as his druid adviser Gogmurt. After dispatching the rest of the tribe on the ground floor of the keep, and rescuing the warhorse (dubbed Reginald by Ahlmalee), the party makes their way into the depths of the keep’s basement.

Inside, they find another shrine to the Mother of Monsters, along with two Yeth Hounds – gifts given to Nualia by Lamashtu. Messic also discovers evidence that Fleagil has been working with the Thistletop goblins, likely arming them with explosives and other strange and terrible goblin inventions. They also encounter the wizard Lyrie Akenja, a researcher hired by Nualia to help investigate the ancient ruins under the keep. She surrenders and is allowed to leave with her life. In exchange, she shows them the secret passage to the lower level, where they encounter Nualia and the bugbear ranger Bruthazmus. A brutal fight ensues – Ahlmalee falls to the bugbear’s arrows and Nualia’s bastard sword, tainted by a strange affliction – with the heroes ultimately proving triumphant.

They spend the rest of the night resting in Nualia’s observation deck, poring through the Aasimar’s notes – they learn who she is, how she’s fallen into Lamashtu’s embrace, and her plans for Sandpoint, and learn of another weapon she sought to unleash on the town: a barghest residing in the depths of Thistletop named Malfeshnekor.

Into the Catacombs of Wrath
In which Lev becomes frustrated by water.

After successfully liberating Ameiko Kaijitsu from the Sandpoint Glassworks, the party discovers a smuggling tunnel which leads to a subterranean complex from the times of old Thassilon. The party returns to the surface to resupply before delving into the catacombs below the city. Ahlmalee pitches a new play to Cyrdak Drokkus. Lev and Messic deal with a portly alchemist, who may be in a darker business than he initially lets on, while Barlo deals with another less-than-reputable alchemist.

Immediately upon entering the catacombs, the party is confronted by a Wrathspawn, a manifestation of the sin of Wrath, whose screech alerts the complex to the party’s presence. They quickly slay the abomination, and make their way deeper into the catacombs, where they discover an ancient statue depicting an angry-looking woman holding a ranseur and a book with a strange seven-pointed star.

Unable to leave anything alone, ever, Messic pries the ranseur free of the statue’s grasp. They continue into an ancient prison and a torture chamber before turning back to make sure their investigation is complete before they delve deeper.

Their explorations also lead them to some kind of shrine, upon which rests perpetually dirty water, beyond which lies a set of intricately carved double doors.

The doors are carved with a relief that shows a demonic woman birthing twisted aberrations, and behind it they find a great cathedral, and the source of the twisted Wrathspawn: a quasit, hovering above a great pool of water. She slashes her hand, bleeding into the pool, and from the depths rises another Wrathspawn.

“You dare to intrude on the master’s sanctum?!” shrieks the quasit, and combat begins. The quasit is nimble and evasive, and with more minions to separate her from the adventurers. Unfortunately for her, they do little to stop the party from catching her, and Barlo drowns her in the burning cold waters of the pool, burning himself and creating another twisted Wrathspawn in the process.


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