Ahlmalee Donalin Ineumetar

A Hero in Her Own Mind


A half-elf woman, young, on the short side, with straight, shoulder length brown hair and green eyes behind delicate looking spectacles. She is wearing traveling clothing and leathers and carrying a large gear pack, all of which look nearly new. She is draped in a large cloak with a number of
square patches around the shoulders – the only article of clothing on her that looks lived in. A lute-like instrument hangs from one side of her pack, a number of nicks and signs of repair show it has been both well-used and well-loved. She looks to be having trouble with the weight of the pack as she huffs and puffs her way along the road, but she smiles as she walks and her eyes are focused into the distance, eagerly.


Naive and idealistic, Ahlmalee has inherited the most adventurous qualities from both of her parent races. She is the child of two former adventurers who have retired with the spoils of their exploits and settled in Magnimar to raise their daughter. Her mother, Nel’thaliona Ineumetar, is a she-elf of the Mierani and a member of the nobility who followed her human father, Maxwell Donalin, on a number of adventures, first out of curiosity, then out of love. Despite their past both parents have done their best to discourage their daughter from following in their footsteps.

Ahlmalee for her own part thinks her parents are hypocritical idiots who have been seduced by the comforts of wealth and status. From an early age she longed for the freedom and fame that she saw in the life of an adventurer. She has studied the minutiae of adventuring lore obsessively, and is a living library of information regarding the creatures, locales, historical backgrounds, and existential meaning of all things “ratcatcher”. Although she considers herself to be highly trained, she has almost no practical experience, particularly in close combat. Hours of study left little time for physical fitness, leaving her far from prepared for many of the rigors of daily adventuring life.

From a young age Ahlmalee showed a talent and love for music, and her enjoyment of the epic tales of local troubadours may have had an impact on her obsession with adventuring, as she listened to their songs and the heroic deeds detailed within. She was enrolled in a local music conservatory with her parents blessing and received extensive tutelage from the masters there. It was not long before she revealed an aptitude for bardic magic, and was inducted into the Pathfinder Society as an initiate.

Ahlmalee Donalin Ineumetar

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